Choose the services you need (price per 100)

  • Speed: up to 10 000 views / day.
  • Minimal order 1 000 views, maximal – 50 000.
  • Insert link to your post (e.g. https://t.me/yourchannel/493).
  • It is possible to send more views than originally ordered.
  • Each picture or video is counted as a separate post and has its own number in the Telegram system, so you need to specify a link to the post (not the picture or video, but the post with the text).
  • Only for public channels
  • Once order is submitter, it can be neither cancelled nor refunded.
  • Starts within 0-2 hours. Rarely can take up to 24 hours.
  • Rarely Telegram might drop views from several posts. No guarantee or refund available.