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ATTENTION! Be aware of Scammers!

Never transfer any funds for balance top-up at a discount or as payment for services to personal cards or wallets, even if someone claims to be our employee. All services and orders are provided and tracked exclusively on the website. Support for these orders is always provided completely free of charge and only via Balance top-up is carried out solely on the website or in the section or through a support ticket on the site.

Always mind the security of your personal account and never share your login and password with anyone. We will never, under any circumstances, ask you for this information. If you come across any of our contacts on social media or if someone contacts you claiming to be from our team and you have doubts, please submit a ticket to We will certainly investigate the issue.

Also, pay attention to the browser's address bar; it should display This is our only domain, and we do not have any others. If you see a different domain in the address bar with our logo, those are scammers attempting to steal your money by impersonating us.