Public Offer

Public Offer


By registering at PR Motion, making a deposit, choosing a service package and placing an order you are automatically agreeing to the terms of service listed below, whether you check them or not.

PR Motion has the rights to modify the terms of services without making any notice. We expect you to read and agree on all the terms before you place an order. Once you have registered, you confirm you understand what terms will apply when you are dealing with us.

You can use PR Motion only in a way that follows all the agreements made with social networking platforms (Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook etc) on their specific terms of service page. The rates charged at PR Motion are subject to change. We have the right not notice when the rates are changed. Our payment and refund policies will remain as it is if the rates change. We do not guarantee a deadline under which the order will be delivered. We provide you with the best-estimated interval for delivering the order.

As mentioned, all the terms you see at web page should be considered as estimated delivery time, not a deadline. No refunds is possible if a user considers it is taking a long time to deliver the order. We do our best in order to deliver the order during the estimated time. PR Motion has all the rights to change the type of service in order to meet the deadline.


You are expected to use the services offered by PR Motion only to endorse your social networking profiles, promote your content and improve the appearance. We are not promising followers’ interaction, but a quick increase in the number of followers. PR Motion does not promise to provide accounts with profile pictures and complete personal data. However, we try our best to make these details possible for our social media accounts.

Refund policy

We do not make refunds by using a payment method preferred by user. In case a user made a deposit, it cannot be reversed. As a service seeker, user agrees that s/he will not file a payment dispute or chargeback against our platform in any condition once s/he deposited a complete payment of the order.

In case a user files a charge-back or dispute, we have the rights to abolish each and every future order made by user. PR Motion also has the rights of taking away the likes or followers provided on the client’ social networking accounts. We do not refund any order placed on this platform. We do not cancel the orders placed by a user. The full charged amount will be refunded only if we are not able to deliver the services.


Misplaced orders and private account orders do not qualify for a refund, so user must check and confirm every order before placing it.
We have the rights to terminate users account, in case we detect fraudulent activities and the use of stolen credit cards.
We suggest users use the same server for at a time when seeking our support. We are capable of offering the required number of likes and followers in case a user uses different servers at the same time.

Privacy policy

The mentioned privacy policy applies to how PR Motion uses personal details of users. We are promissory to respect users privacy and apply all the security measures in order to prevent users personal details from getting to third parties. All the personal details shared by the user will be used only to complete an order. We promise we will not be selling any personal information to any other agency. The details will be stored in encrypted form. No unauthorized person can access users personal information.


We are in no way liable if any account suspends or content deleted by social networking platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and other social media platforms.


We are not responsible or liable to any sort of damage our users business or any user him / herself may suffer.