A web page, offering marketing services orientated for your profiles and content marketing, i.e. subscribers / followers, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, views and other activities.

A registered user deposits his funds, chooses the service and makes an order. Then, the order is being processed by our team and the process starts. After it is completed, you see the same status close to this order. E.g. if you take 100 Instagram Like, the order is to be completed only after you receive at least 100 Likes to your photo / video.

Press on Balance button (left upper corner or go to https://prmotion.me/balance) and choose the most prefered payment method for you.

All payment methods are equally good and have wide range of deposit options.

  • UnitPay | 0% | VISA / Mastercard, ApplePay.
  • CoinBase | 0% | Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DAI, USD Coin.
  • Free-Kassa | AdvCash, Payeer, PerfectMoney, QIWI,

It's a rare ocasion. But in this case please refer to our Support and provide payment details – invoice, your login and approximate time of payment. We will fix the issue and add funds manually.

Yes, we do. You can share your referral link with your friends and earn 5% from all their spendings. Please go to Partners page or use this link https://prmotion.me/referral/partner.

If you have a promocode, please go to Balance page or use this link https://prmotion.me/balance, insert your promocode to its section and press on Activate button.

In order to simplify the working process, following order statuses were introduced:

  • Processing – the order has been created and soon will be processed.
  • In progress – the order is processing.
  • Cancelled – the order has been cancelled due to various reason. In this case funds are to be returned back to your balance.
  • Completed – the order has been successfully completed.

Please use the password recovery form or create a ticket in our Support section.

Please ensure your account is open and has no restrictions (publicly visible). In case the problem is not resolved, refer to our Support by creating a ticket and we will help.

  • For Likes / Dislikes, views, saves and comments, please insert link to your publication.
  • For stories, subscribers / followers and autolikes, please insert link to your profile / account.

Please remove all unnecessary elements from your link. Your account (e.g. Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) should be open and your publication must be visible for everyone (Public).

Examples of proper links:

Our system is automatic. Unless you see Cancel button close to your order, it can not be cancelled. In case the system identifies the mistake, you will get your funds back to your balance and the order will be cancelled. In any other case, the order can not be cancelled.

Please read order information before placing it. All orders are being processed automaticall, but several ones require more time. Also in case of heavy loading, it can take more time than usually. In case the order placed is not starting after 24 hours (some orders require more time), press on Refill button or refer to Support by creating a ticket.

Please mind different orders have different speed. Approximate speed is mentioned in information to every service we have, so please refer to the specific speed at orders page. We kindly ask you to consider possible queues for top selling services.In case the speed is way too low than mentioned, please create a ticket and we will try to help.

If you see your order processing stucked, not moving or the information is not actual, please refer to our Support by creating a ticket and we will help.

We inform about all discounts, promocodes and special offers in our News section and in our Telegram. Nevertheless, if you are interested to become our reseller, please refer to weare@prmotion.me.

Currently it is possible to withdraw funds earned in partners program; starting from 20$ to you crypto wallet. PR Motion administration can look into special cases, therefore please refer to Support by creating a ticket.

There should be a strong reason for that. Among possible options, you might have registered more than one account or you have showed rude attitude to PR Motion team member. Nevertheless we all are human beings and we tend to forgive. Please refer to our Support by creating a ticket and we will do our best to help.