A great update for you! Now you get more outcomes when using our service. Apart from high quality and low prices, we provide you a Promo Code that gives you a bonus when you add funds. Whether it is a public holiday or just an ordinary day, grab the bonus!

In order to get the bonus:

  1. go to your Balance page,
  2. activate PRMGLOBAL code,
  3. deposit 5$ or more and get a bonus.

Use the code once and get a bonus every time you add funds to your account. The bonus differs depending on the sum:

You depositBonus
5$ - 9.99$
10$ - 49.99$
50$ - 99.99$
100$ - 199.99$
200$ - 999.99$
1,000$ and more

Use PRMGLOBAL code and promote yourself and your business!

PR Motion Administration