Towards a Hybrid Social Media Strategy; the Best Social Media Plan

Social Media Strategy helps you shortcut your success path.

How can you win your social media goals without having a cohesive social media strategy? The fact that many social platforms are accessible and add new features every day shows that you cannot achieve them without a social plan.

Today, you cannot survive with a profile that posts random content every now and then. To succeed, you have to develop a practical strategy that matches your resources and priorities.

Ensure that you make your social media plan as precise as possible. Keep it short and sweet. Let it not become unattainable or immeasurable.

In this article, we also highlight the benefits of deploying a hybrid social media marketing strategy. Indeed, the best option for catering to your audience while staying within your budget is adopting a hybrid paid and organic plan.

Read on to discover what you should do to build an effective strategy for your social media.

What is Social Media Strategy?

Social media strategy is a blueprint for planning your goals, tactics, and metrics to measure your progress from scratch.

A strategy should cover the following aspects:

  • Provides a listing of all your social media profiles, both current and planned.
  • Establishes clear goals for each platform you use.
  • Determines the duties and tasks among your team members.
  • Sketches a schedule for reporting.

Social Media Strategy outlines your ongoing process and brings it a meaningful aspect.

With a social media plan, you can enjoy many advantages from your social presence. As your social platforms grow, you will develop more brand awareness, reach more customers, fulfill social proof, and boost your credibility.

These factors increase your ability to stand out on the market. The following section involves how to go organic.

How to Outline Social Media Marketing Strategy

Today, a business presence on social platforms without a social media plan is meaningless. Apply the following framework when you want to create your social media strategy:

1. Set Sensible Business Goals

The best place to start is to categorize your goals. Otherwise, you cannot gauge your progress and ROI.

Remember that each goal needs to be SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

The SMART framework leads your actions to achieve genuine business success. Some examples of goals that businesses should strive for include brand awareness, lead generation, audience growth, and improved engagement with the community.

2. Conduct Market Research (Your Audience)

Learn about your audience, the challenges they face, and the problems they should solve every day. Decide what demographics you wish to reach first.

However, choose a maximum of four types of customers who make up most of your customers. Do not get bogged down by exceptions; otherwise, it will never get done!

3. Different Platforms Attract Different Audiences

Your social media strategy should include choosing the right platforms based on their benefits for your business. In fact, your target demographics dictate which platform to choose and which content to post.

Which platforms are most popular with your target market? What reason has drawn them to that platform?

what social media platforms your business needs to invest on?

Young people, for instance, will probably prefer browsing Instagram or TikTok. However, when it comes to staying in contact with friends, Facebook is the most popular choice.

4. Research Your Competitors

Your competitors are already using social media; it is a good chance, learn from them to build your social media plan. So, before getting started with your content, figure out whom you are competing with.

Analyze your competition

Competitive analysis has the following benefits:

  • Gives you insight into your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Provides you with a better perception of your business.
  • Spots potential opportunities.

Use Social Media Listening

What reviews and testimonials do your competitors have?

Search social media for in-depth information about the competition, its handle, and related search terms.

Pro Tip: Find out where Customers’ unfulfilled needs by viewing comments, reviews, forums, etc. and make it your value.

5. Decide on Key Metrics and KPIs

Peter Drucker argues that if you cannot measure something, you cannot improve it. Thus, you cannot successfully run a business unless you can assess all its components.

What is the best way to assess whether you have been successful with your social media strategy? What matters is not just growing your following but earning a profit. It is all about money, after all.

Thus, keep in mind metrics such as conversion rate, time spent on the website, reach, brand mentions, sentiment, total shares.

6. Set up Your Profiles

Beth Comstock refers to the importance of knowing thyself, knowing the customer, and being innovative. Do your best, therefore, to design creative and eye-catching profiles. You may wish to have profiles on the following platforms:

  • A Facebook business page
  • An Instagram business account
  • A Twitter business account
  • A LinkedIn Company Page
  • A YouTube channel

Pro Tip: Each network should have a clear mission. Create a single-sentence goal statement that keeps you on track.

7. Develop Engaging Social Media Content

According to Bill Gates, Microsoft CEO, Content is King. This is because it is the content that will make much of the real money on the Internet.

Once you have identified your audience and know enough about them, posting becomes the fun part of your social media plan. Now, you should be able to develop engaging content with ease.

Best Type of Content

Can you describe what content is? Content may be images, videos, blog posts, company news, infographics, eBooks, or interviews that you have created.

However, not every type of content may serve your objectives. You should ensure that your content not only reflects your mission but also matches your platform.

picking the right set of content types helps you reach your goals effortlessly.

The content you develop to publish on Facebook, for example, differs from that you create for Instagram.

8. Keep Your Social Presence Time-Sensitive

The reliance of marketers on timeliness has arguably increased over the years. In addition to regularly posting unique content, you need to be accessible to your followers.

Make Your Content Schedule

Remember that sharing excellent content is not enough. Your social media strategy should include developing a plan for when to share content.

Every business should cater to a specific audience. So, you should optimize your posting time according to the expected behavior of your followers.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that you should also leave space for some spontaneity.

Paid Social Media Strategy

Today, it is almost impossible to outline a social media marketing strategy without including paid methods. Indeed, pay-to-play on social media is increasingly getting more popular and effective.

However, you may ask, given so many things to do through organic means, why are paid methods the priority?

Paid SMM methods come in handy when you need faster results.

Through pay-to-play methods, you can connect with your target demographic without being limited by algorithms. In other words, people are much more likely to see your stuff if you pay to put it on their feeds.

Even though organic ways are helpful for your business, you cannot reach your target market quickly without the support of paid services. Therefore, a hybrid social media plan that uses both organic and paid ways is highly recommended.

Towards Hybrid Social Media Strategy (Best Choice)

Hybrid social media marketing gained considerable attention when social media evolved quite a bit in recent years.

The social media strategy was once about engagement and presenting a more authentic and personal image online. But, today, consumers can use social media for the entire purchase process, such as:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Remarketing
  • Retention
  • Service

Therefore, neither organic nor paid social media marketing alone will suffice to achieve your goals. You need a hybrid social media marketing strategy to skyrocket your business.

Why Should You Use Hybrid Social Media Plan

The hybrid social media marketing strategy combines organic and paid social approaches to create an efficient marketing plan for your brand. In other words, paid social media methods provide you with immediate exposure to users, while organic tactics give your brand long-term credibility.

Therefore, paying close attention to the benefits that PR Motion services will offer while shaping your social strategy is crucial. Without PR Motion services such as followers, likes, comments, views, etc., reaching your target market and building brand awareness becomes increasingly frustrating.

Hybrid strategies are designed to save you money, so you will not need to waste it on costly campaigns that only generate a small number of leads.

Recent research indicates that 86% of marketers have been successful with hybrid strategies. Remember that tracking both paid and organic social posts is made possible by analytics and identifying the best days and hours to post.

What PR Motion Panel Offers for Your Hybrid Strategy

In which field does your business offer product or services? On which platforms are you acting or intended to work? PR Motion provides all types of businesses with comprehensive services.

PR Motion provides a variety of SMM panel HQ services with the most reasonable prices.

Our services cover almost every social platform, including:

On the other hand, the PR Motion panel offers all kinds of services for each platform. For example:

  • Followers
  • Subscribers
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Views
  • Shares
  • And many more

To read more about the PR Motion exact services for each platform, please visit our home page and click on your chosen network. You will find cohesive services that respond to all of your demands.

Bottom Line

In this article, we explained both organic and paid approaches to outline a social media strategy. However, due to the changes during recent years, you need a hybrid social media plan to skyrocket your business.

While paid social media marketing strategy allows you to connect quickly with users, organic efforts give your brand long-term trustworthiness. It is better, therefore, to combine both approaches to shape a cohesive social strategy.

In the world of social media, you can take great advantage by using the PR Motion services. We help your business grow and reach the target market quickly and cost-effectively. Indeed, using PR Motion services is a proper way to save more and earn more money.


Q: What is the purpose of social media strategy?

A: Using social media strategy determines how to engage and interact with targeted audiences via social platforms. The results of such actions might include creating leads, enhancing brand awareness, or even creating a viral effect.

Q: What is an organic social media strategy?

A: Organic social media strategy is an outlined document to make use of organic methods to grow the social presence of your business.

Q: What is a paid social media strategy?

A: With paid social media strategies, you can reach your target audiences without being limited by algorithmic restrictions. Paid-to-play marketing helps your posts appear in more feeds by putting them on theirs.

Q: How do organic and paid social (SMM panels) work together?

A: You can combine both organic and paid ways by using a hybrid social media strategy. Organic and paid social media marketing are inadequate by themselves, so your best option is to develop a hybrid social media plan.

Q: Why should I outline a hybrid social media strategy?

A: Hybrid social media strategies help you combine both paid and organic social approaches. In this way, not only do you use the power of both methods, but also you can save more money and earn even more.

Q: How can SMM panels help me?

A: SMM panels help your business promote quickly by providing cheap and effective services. If you are looking for budget-friendly and efficient services, SMM panels are your best choice.

Q: Why should I use PR Motion services?

A: PR Motion provides you with the cheapest and most effective services. Not only do we have covered almost all social platforms, but also we provide you with the most comprehensive services for each network.

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