How to get to TikTok recommendations

How to get to TikTok recommendations

At PR Motion we already wrote about Instagram, its algorithms and how they help to promote your photos and videos to recommended and trends. Today we will cover one of the most popular social networks in the world. These guys have already overrun almost every social network and US top companies want to acquire them (especially Microsoft). While it has not happened yet, Tik Tok is still a top social network (compared to Skype), so let's learn about how to get millions of followers and views on Tik Tok and earn lots of money.

What are “TikTok recommendations” and how do they work?

Recommendations is a page in the TikTok app where the most popular videos are reflected. If your created content appears there, then meet the opportunity to get free and speedy marketing for your TikTok account. “Recommended videos”, or Recommendations are the so-called top positions that bring new subscribers. There are just there options for searching the video content on TikTok:

  1. using key words
  2. watching content of video creators whose TikTok channels you already subscribed to
  3. browsing the “Recommended” feed.

What should you record for TikTok?

The goal of any Tik Tok bloger is to get into the recommendations, as this will give a lot of traffic, followers, likes, as well as the advertisers that will flow like a river. The first tip: spend a few days to understand properly what other content makers record, what videos receive the most likes and what content personally you can produce. The content rules indeed. Considering your capabilities, talents, and skills, it will become clear to you what and how to shoot. Are you in great shape? Maybe you are the CEO of captivating speech? Do you have a funny cat? Can you edit and apply video effects? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions - welcome to TikTok Recommendations!

Record an entertaining content, as the more the audience is involved, the higher the chance it will be accepted by the algorithm. Initially, absolutely any video can be included in the recommendations. It is important to stay there or it’s even better to get into the recommendations again and again until you automatically get there thanks to your audience. Did you witness a situation when a blogger with a large audience shoots complete nonsense but still the people's love pushes this stuff to the top positions? It's some kind of magic, it has to be.

How do you know you got into the Recommendations?

First of all, you need a PRO account. You can get it for free in the Settings section of your Tik Tok account within less than a minute. Once we are done with it, let’s move to the check of your videos views: choose your video, open it and click on the three points menu button. In the box that appears select "Analytics" and, ta-dah, - see where the TikTok traffic comes from, i.e. the sources of your video views - recommendations, profile page, hashtags, and other sources.

Step-by-step instruction for placing your video to the Tik Tok top

In fact, it doesn't exist. However, do not give up, but try, try and try again! TikTok algorithms adore active video makers. The more people like, comment and follow you, the more TikTok appreciates your efforts. If we tell you that your video should be exactly 21 seconds long, it should obtain 176 views in the first minutes and gather 35 likes, we’ll deceive you. However, you would hardly get such numbers, if you just started your TikTok video creator career.

How to get many views, likes and comments quickly?

It would be easier for all of us if at the beginning of our journey someone lent us a helping hand. It would be great if this dream turned into a real and global flash mob of mutual assistance. Sounds like a utopian idea, we know that, so we’d like to help at least you, our dear TikTok beginner.

The secret of getting to the top of any social network, as we have mentioned many times before, lies in the activity of users under your content. Thus, you need to start promoting it immediately after you have uploaded your video. The PR Motion SMM Service will assist you with this. After completing a simple registration and depositing just a dollar to your balance, you can start promoting your video on TikTok in a matter of minutes. Judge for yourself: $1 will turn into 5,000 views on your video (check "Real Views ?" service out now).

The main thing that you must keep in mind is that now you are at the very beginning of the path of popular Instagram bloggers who make millions from advertising. Right now it's challenging to get there. Instagram is part of Facebook, so the algorithms are very complex. TikTok is an entirely different thing. Compare the prices for subscribers, likes and views on TikTok and Instagram and you will be amazed. Another important point is unsubscribing. A regular case: a promotion service for Instagram views, likes and subscribers is ordered but later its results might be eliminated by the social network itself. Fortunately, it doesn’t apply to TikTok, so your promotion will not take much time and money, and, more importantly, nerves.

If you have made the decision to be a TikTok blogger, you should not put the promotion on hold. We are here to help you!

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