How to grow your YouTube channel?

Wonder how to grow YouTube channel to reach your demographics? With over 2 billion users, YouTube is one of the top social platforms. YouTube is, however, not only a social network but also a search engine second only to Google. It receives 1 billion hours of video views every day.

knowing how to grow your YouTube channel is essential for your success on this popular platform.

On the other hand, video is the king that pulls people into stores. Around half of the people bought products after watching marketing videos on social media, a study shows. It seems, hence, that having a growing YouTube channel is a must.

Likewise, SMM panels enable you to stand out on YouTube. PR Motion provides you with many efficient and competitive services that you will require to play successfully.

In this blog post, we cover the fundamentals of how to promote YouTube channels. We invite you to see what is inside.

How YouTube Algorithm Influences Your Growth

To grow a YouTube channel, you should provide compelling videos to engage your audiences and encourage them to subscribe. However, YouTube uses its own algorithm to plan which videos to appear under the results tab.

This algorithm allows YouTube to highlight video recommendations in different YouTube sections, such as search, homepage, suggested videos, trending, and subscriptions. Note that the most traffic, in general, comes from the homepage and the suggested videos.

If you want to grow your YouTube channel, you need to know that the algorithm selects videos for viewers to fulfill two goals:

  • Suggesting videos that appeal to each viewer taste
  • Capturing viewers attention to keep them engaged

In fact, there are slight differences between the traffic sources. However, the number of views is eventually restricted by the following combination of factors:

  1. Watcher past behavior and favorites (personalization)
  2. How well the video works (performance)
  3. The general public or consumer market (other variables)

We should say that if you want your videos to be recommended on YouTube, you should actually optimize them for SEO.

SEO for YouTube: Are There Any Benefits?

SEO techniques play a crucial role in growing YouTube channels. These techniques involve optimizing videos to ensure they are ranked for targeted keywords and recommended to users who are most likely to find them interesting.

All businesses on YouTube can use SEO techniques to grow their fan base. Successful SEO helps them interact with their audience and gain, thereby, higher rankings.

you can choose either organic approaches or SMM panels, or a combination of the two.

SEO helps brands expand their audience base, boost their online presence, improve video engagement, and, eventually, promote their YouTube channel.

Optimizing your videos with keywords so that the target audience can find them is similar to SEO-ing a blog post. However, when it comes to Youtube SEO, engagement takes the cake over keywords.

On YouTube, as opposed to SEO for websites and e-commerce, user involvement is in the spotlight.

How SMM Panels Come in Handy?

SMM panels provide businesses with unique opportunities to grow YouTube channels. Various paid services contribute to much better performance on the platform. For instance, you can enjoy the PR Motion cohesive and budget-friendly YouTube services such as:

  • subscribers
  • views
  • likes
  • dislikes
  • shares
  • comments
  • watch time
  • stream lives
  • comment likes

Using the PR Motion services helps you look more credible, engaging, and popular among your competitors. PR Motion helps you become more visible and stand out in your field.

Read on to learn what you should do to grow your YouTube channel.

1. Cross-Promote Your YouTube Channel

Facebook (over 2 billion monthly users), Instagram (1 billion), and Twitter (330 million) are the best ways to cross-promote your YouTube channel. For a lot of additional exposure, you can have videos embedded in your blog, newsletter, and other social media channels. When you have loyal followers on other platforms, they will likely join your YouTube as well. Hence, make sure your channel is introduced correctly.

It is worth, here, checking out how a business grew its YouTube channel. Glossier first launched its Instagram brand and then performed this marketing technique. More than one year has passed since Glossier released the first video. Since then, their success has been quite impressive, however. They showed off their models wearing the products emblazoned with their brand name in a series of dramatic photos.

You may ask, where do they excel in content creation? Glossier is exceptionally renowned and adored for its Get Ready With Me (#GRWM) videos cross-promoted on multiple social networks.

PR Motion provides you with comprehensive services for all social platforms. Therefore, you can use our services to reach more audiences that help you grow your YouTube channel.

The more you invest in your other social media accounts, the more opportunities you have to make use of them.

Promote Your Content on TikTok

TikTok statistics give you insight into how popular it is and how much room you are granted to promote your YouTube channel.

In addition to its large audience, TikTok also offers the following benefits:

  • You can go viral.
  • You can have your YouTube channel shared.
  • You can take advantage of duets and stitch options.
  • You can enjoy hashtag challenges.

In the case of TikTok, PR Motion gives you all the tools you need to grow YouTube channels. For instance, you can enjoy having likes, followers, shares, comments, live streams, and packages with pocket-friendly rates to reach a large number of your target market.

2. Organize Video Series into Well-Categorized Playlists

The best way to encourage someone to watch more of your content is by creating a playlist. Such collections, due to their nature, tend to be addictive. In the blink of an eye, the following video begins.

classifying your videos into playlists help your audience reach their desired content more easily accessible.

Furthermore, playlists facilitate finding your content. The Suggested Videos section on YouTube is likely to favor videos in playlists more than others. Moreover, a playlist title is a perfect place to include keywords.

3. Make Your Thumbnails Perfect

Neil Patel, a marketing expert, says you can increase engagement by 154% using compelling thumbnails. Therefore, you can use them to promote YouTube channels.

YouTube thumbnails are images that illustrate the content of your video. This is what gets shared, shown on searches, social networks, and websites.

well-designed video thumbnails are a key metric for your videos to get more attention.

They have a direct impact on your video success since our brains first notice visual cues. As with a book cover, a video thumbnail may entice you to watch the video or move on to another.

4. Post Valuable Content Regularly

To grow a YouTube channel, you should rely on your content. But, YouTube is oriented towards the viewing experience in its ranking system. Therefore, quality content is the key to retaining audience engagement and improving search engine rankings.

Valuable content does answer questions such as, how will this video help followers overcome an issue? How entertaining is it? In what way does it contribute to improving lives? Hence, find the answer to the above questions if you are considering publishing a video.

Do not forget to post regularly and be consistent. Your audiences are waiting for your upcoming valuable content.

5. Create Unconventional Videos

The last thing you want is to be just like your competitors or be boring. To avoid this, regardless of what business you work in, there are probably industry-standard YouTube videos; take the opposite approach and pave the way to grow your YouTube channel!

6. Make Your Titles Appealing

Users see your title as soon as they access your content. Hence, if it is not compelling, it could be the last.

write eye-catching titles that grab everyone’s concern.

Your killer title works by catching the attention of your audience. Thus, it helps you grow a YouTube channel. People enjoy entertaining content, and you can tell the viewers that your videos are entertaining as soon as possible through titles.

Here are three tips:

  1. Keep your titles clear and to the point.
  2. Put your keyword at the beginning of your title.
  3. Engagement does not equate to clickbait.

7. Write Detailed and Keyword-Rich Descriptions

You should not forget the importance of descriptions. When writing them, bear in mind the following points:

  • Use keywords at the beginning of your writings.
  • Keep it under 5000 characters.
  • Provide viewers with easy access to relevant content by including a content list with date/time stamps.
  • Provide links to suitable playlists.
  • Use relevant hashtags. Stick to YouTube rules before posting.

Inserting keywords into the video itself is also an option. If you aim for the best results, incorporate a few keywords in your introduction.

8. Interact with Your Subscribers

Remember that YouTube is also a social network. Through profiles, likes, and comments, users engage with each other and the content on the platform.

Since engagement plays a significant part in your growing YouTube channel, note that producing content is only the beginning of your journey to genuine engagement. Successful YouTubers maintain constant contact with their subscribers.

establish an interactive relationship with your subscribers and make a loyal colony out of them!

You can, for example, reply to every comment, create response videos (if necessary), figure out your most loyal fans, and reward them.

More likes, comments (likes), etc., demonstrate that your channel enjoys more interaction with the market. And, PR Motion helps you send this positive signal by offering relevant services.

9. Present Enticing Content to Attract Subscribers

Make sure that your content is not only valuable and entertaining but also professionally designed. You can ruin even the best content with low quality.

So, invest in a high-quality camera, check the sound before you record, and learn a few editing tricks. They affect the growth of your YouTube channel.

However, if you need more YouTube subscribers, PR Motion is at your disposal. Note that the more subscribers you have, the more credible you look and the more chances you have to catch the attention of your prospects.

10. Design an Attention-Grabbing Banner Art

When someone first finds your YouTube channel, the banner is usually their first impression. So, make sure it works if you are planning to grow a YouTube channel!

add a visual identity to your YouTube channel by placing an appealing cover art.

Obviously, your banner needs to be eye-catching, enjoy a pleasing aesthetic, and convey your brand personality. In addition to being informative, your brand should also provide viewers with insight into the content you post.

So, consider using a catchy tagline that summarizes your business and the content you offer, along with your company name and logo.

11. Keep up with Trendy/Seasonal Content

Users often search YouTube for trendy and events-related content. There is a desire for ideas for occasions such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas gift shopping.

This means that scheduling trending and seasonal videos will be a smart move to make your content easier to discover.

Although these videos cannot last all year-round as your more evergreen content, they can drive traffic. So, keep an eye on holiday-related and other special events and prep your content accordingly.

12. Plan Pattern Interrupters

Pattern interrupter is a self-descriptive term. You interrupt some pattern by stepping out of the box. You can grow a YouTube channel by adding a touch of surprise with these small, unexpected moves.

People usually decide within half a second whether or not to view an ad or post. Due to this, YouTube marketing success depends on a captivating opening video.

Simply put, to stop them from swiping away, you have to interrupt their habitual pattern.

13. Improve Your Videos Visibility

Here are the stats: 70% of the top 100 Google search results include YouTube videos. Indeed, whenever you search Google for a product or how-to, some YouTube videos will come up.

Therefore, you should check your YouTube videos for keywords, tags, etc., just like any other form of content. You can achieve this by considering the following parts of your post:

  • Titles and descriptions
  • Keywords stated in your video
  • Engagement
  • Categories
  • Tags

14. Develop Scenarios for Every Single Video

Have a unique scenario for each video is helpful to promote YouTube channels. Videos can differ in length and structure. Or perhaps you want a how-to or a commercial video.

You should, however, consider the 3-act structure even if your scenario is different: setup, conflict, and resolution.

Your first act brings your audience closer to a particular issue. As the second act progresses, the problem reaches a climax. Finally, the third act provides a solution to the problem.

15. Work on Untapped Keywords in Your Field

Keywords have a significant impact on growing a YouTube channel. The question is: What do you go about if all the hot keywords suggested by keyword research tools have been grabbed by competitors?

Taking this into account, you will have to study your audience and what they are saying more deeply. By doing so, you will uncover concealed keyword treasures that your competitors have not yet discovered. So, here are your steps:

  1. Take the time to understand the mind of your audience further.
  2. Consult with your subscribers.
  3. Respect communities and UG (User-Generated) content.
  4. Research the other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)

16. Host Stream Lives

Despite being recognized primarily for pre-recorded videos, YouTube is the leading video platform for live streaming. Another great way to grow your YouTube channel is, thus, to host live videos.

Even with less control, real-time video is so much more engaging and fresh. Additionally, your subscribers will be notified when the video is live!

Hold live streamings on YouTube to benefit from its numerous advantages.

YouTube live streams usually work best for interactive Q&As or podcast-style interviews.

Here, the PR Motion stream live service also comes in handy. We help you by presenting real viewers so that your live streaming becomes more authentic and prominent.

Bottom Line

In this article, we explained how to grow YouTube channels successfully. To do so, we introduce you to 16 practical ways that help you promote your YouTube channel.

However, you should not only practice these ways but also use PR Motion cohesive services. With PR Motion, you can grow your YouTube channel quickly by spending only pocket-friendly rates.


Q: How can I grow my YouTube channel?

A: you can do it by following organic and paid ways. For a deeper understanding of your practices, review the article again. You should also visit the PR Motion homepage to become familiar with our services.

Q: What does the YouTube algorithm do?

A: This algorithm lets YouTube show recommendations in different YouTube sections, including search, homepage, suggested videos, trending, and subscriptions.

Q: How do I grow my YouTube channel paid?

A: You can reach and engage more viewers on YouTube by investing in SMM panels. PR Motion provides you with a wide range of efficient and competitive services.

Q: How can I boost my video watch time?

A: For this purpose, your videos have to be public. Another effective option is to take advantage of the PR Motion services.

Q: Which services does PR Motion offer to grow my YouTube channel?

A: PR Motion provides all businesses with comprehensive services, including channels targeting the YouTube platform. You can not only enjoy our cost-effective services for YouTube but also other platforms services to cross-promote your channel.

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