Add funds to your balance using Payoneer

Now you can add funds to your PR Motion account using Payoneer payment system. This is a very simple and trustworthy service. In order to add funds, you don't need to have Payoneer account. The process will take

  1. Send us your full name, email and amount in US Dollars;
  2. Get a payment link to your email;
  3. Use your VISA / MasterCard to pay.

After you pay, write us back in same ticket and we will add funds to your account. Please mind generation a payment link can take some time unless you wrote us in business hours.

The minimum amount is 50$.

Grab your bonus

As you might be aware, we have bonus system. Depending on the sum you add to your balance, you get the bonus accordingly. The minimum amount is 50$, i.e. you will get 52$ (4%). Should you add 100$ or more, you get bigger bonus.

If you are ready to use this payment method and add funds using your card, please create a ticket.

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